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When you think of Egypt, you may only think of the country as the home of some of the world's greatest treasures of the ancient world. But today, you must also view Egypt as a modern country, with tremendous influence in the political world.

Egypt was first unified by Menes (the first Pharoah) in 3050 BC. The legacy of Menes' empire is unmatched in history. During this time, some of Egypt's most elaborate tombs were designed, the Nile was harnessed for irrigation and magnificent pyramids were built. Unfortunately, after the empire fell, Egypt was conquered by various outside sources; among them, the Ottoman Turks, the French and British. In 1953, King Farouk was overthrown and Egypt won its independence.

Most of Egypt is desert. The small part that isn't is the Nile Valley, and it is here that 95% of the population lives. Egypt is the second largest country in the Arab world, and second only to Nigeria in population on the African continent.

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